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Miami the coastal city that vibrates both day and night


Places to visit in Miami

With Copa Airlines flights to Miami, fly to a coastal city that vibrates day and night. Start your trip with one of the best things to do in Miami, walk through the art deco district in pastel shades of South Beach. Ocean Drive is a center full of cafes where you watch people go by in the city. The sun-drenched sands are only a block away.

Another dose of culture and history awaits you at the Museum and Gardens Vizcaya, an ornate mansion full of fine arts and period furniture. Relax together with the family in the Venetian Pool, a coral lake with fountains, waterfalls and caves that offers an incomparable experience in the water.

Colorful restaurants in Miami

Restaurants in Miami offer a variety of vibrant tastes and flavors. Dine meats and seafood near the beach or look for Nuevo Latino cuisine and “Floribbean”, prepared by famous chefs in the heart of the city.

Modern nightlife in Miami

Miami’s bustling nightlife stretches into the night. Put on your dancing shoes and dance to salsa in a nightclub or relax in style with an elegant cocktail in a South Beach hotel bar.

Miami travel tips

Miami is not the easiest place to move between neighborhoods. Maximize your time by taking a taxi or driving your own rented car.

If you decide not to rent a car, consider the airport’s flight path after your plane lands. If it’s a few blocks, the bus takes you to Miami Beach with just one stop.
Weather in Miami is typical of semi-tropical climate, where the long summers are warm, but rarely too hot, and the winters are quite pleasant.

The downtown business district thrives by day, hosts many upscale hotels and is comfortable for the best activities in Miami. The biggest nightly action moves to South Beach.

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